Individual Income Tax News


Client Organizers:

In order to streamline our individual tax return processing, we have changed our policy regarding client organizers. Client organizers will be sent out to individuals who completed and returned them the prior year. If you would like to have an organizer and did not receive one this year,
please call 313-886-8892 extension 3200 and request one.

The organizer is designed to help you gather tax information needed to prepare your Individual Income Tax return. We have pre-printed certain information from your prior year return to help you complete the organizer with minimal time and effort. Please complete as much missing information on the client organizer as possible. If you find that information does not apply to you or is incorrect, please draw a line through it and/or make the necessary corrections. We will also need the following information along with your completed organizer:

- Forms W-2 for wages, salaries and tips
- All Forms 1099 for interest, dividends, miscellaneous income, etc
- Brokerage statements showing investment transactions for stocks, bonds,
- Schedule K-1 showing income from partnerships, S Corporations, estates
and trusts
- Statements supporting deductions for mortgage interest and taxes including
student loan interest and educational expenses
- Any tax notices sent to you by the IRS or other taxing authority
- A copy of your income tax return from prior year, if not prepared by this
- A copy of taxpayer/spouse/dependents Social Security Card(s) for e-filers
(unless already provided in your prior year return)
- A copy of a check (marked void) from your checking account if you wish to
direct deposit. We will need this prior to preparing the return. We can
not change the return after you sign the PIN form without having to re-run the
return and passing the cost of doing so on to you.
- The Data Sheet which provides a summary of accurate personal information
- Client Questionnaire complete with pertinent tax items necessary for
preparing an accurate return

Many of our clients use a box, envelope, file, etc., and they put all receipts, etc. necessary to prepare their return in the container throughout the year. Trust us when we say - this procedure will make your life easier when you are compiling your information for tax preparation. Remember, the more prepared you are, the better controlled your costs will be for the preparation of your return. We don't guarantee your bill will be reduced by a bag full of money, but every little bit helps!

The following information is included in the Tax Organizer which is sent to our clients prior to the beginning of each new tax year:

Use Tax information is available on line on the State of Michigan web-site. Please review this information to ensure you are reporting your Michigan Use Tax correctly.

Our Privacy Policy has been posted on our website for your information. Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Through our Tax Organizer, we provide a Data Sheet with a summary of our fee policy and current personal information used in the updating of our records and your returns. If, as a client, you do not receive an Organizer it is extremely important that you fill out the "Data Sheet" and return it with your information.

The Client Questionnaire asks about pertinent tax items necessary for preparing an accurate tax return. Please answer all applicable questions and attach a statement, when necessary, for additional information not provided in the Client Organizer.

The Financial Planning Questionnaire should be completed and returned if you are interested in being contacted after April 15th, regarding tax planning for the current year.

We will review your estate plan and calculate an estimate of your Federal estate tax should you request this service. We will make recommendations, when appropriate, of ways to decrease your estate tax. If you are interested in this service, please return the Financial Planning Questionnaire to our office. We will call to schedule an appointment with you after April 15th.

To give you the best possible service, we suggest you complete this information early in the year. In an effort to make the process of obtaining information more efficient, we encourage you to use e-mail to address questions and send information to our staff. We will be making a concentrated effort to obtain e-mail addresses for all of our clients. Staff email address and telephone extensions are listed on the website.

Thank you for your business..... Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or require other assistance.

The Principals and Staff at
Graves & Company, P.C.

Jamie, Larry, Jan,

Wally, Randy W, Randy G, Jon, Justin and Jean